Bodyhammer: Derelict Weapons and Tactics

Sarin’s Bodyhammer was sent to me by a friend at Forza Nuova, not long after I began hanging around their Rome headquarters on Piazza Vescovio. This was back in 2007, and I’ve not since found anything online that gives such practical and useful pointers for engaging the police and other forms of organized peacekeeping; and believe me I’ve searched.


A few changes of computer, thanks to the poor quality of various Microsoft operating systems, left me without Bodyhammer for several years. I’d remember it and give a quick search or two before returning to other matters, never finding another copy. But the good people at Forza Nuova made other similar assemblages with foreign agents living in Rome, one of which is a Greek radical who shared time with me amongst the fascists, Ultras, anarchists, and autonomists in the Eternal City.


He sent me a nice packet of materials pertaining to the ongoing Athens riots, including the Sarin pamphlet. Knowing that I am not content to be a bourgeois educator, he also asked that I help establish a new portal for disseminating radical thought, which I am doing with a group of post-liberal men and women around the world. That site is a zone free from the organizing, subjectifying, representing, and synchronizing effects of State capture and control. Today it provides a daily dose of radical dereliction; tomorrow it might affect a becoming-revolutionary.


BODYHAMMER Use it as you will, but will to use it.

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