ROMVLAE GENTI: Formerly a group of Ultras in Curva Sud Roma, now a diffuse assemblage of dissident intellectuals, discharged soldiers, and coming-of-age guerrillas in North America and Rome, Italy.

Nietzsche Youth: First iteration of what is now called the Derelict Agōgē, a pedagogical approach to creating a social and physiological epistemology; the foundations of which are Nietzschean transvaluation, a dynamic and nomadic metaphysics, transgressive violence, and a typography of humanness that replaces the codifications and classifications of the modern State-subject citizen with an uncoded body of forces and potentials that is unguided by the needs of the State and Capital. James C. Scott identifies elements of the State in what comes to be known as consciousness, just as Nietzsche identifies the slave as the archetype of modern humanness. The agōgē seeks to create people devoid of these markers of value and potential.

Beauty is for the Few: The milieu of the übermensch, the contemporary pack of dissident intellectuals that has formed in the wake of my rejection of the Academy. “Nothing of great and noble value has ever been common, …”

Fragmentext: It’s like Semiotext(e) for a less domesticated thinker … all the theory we love but none of the seeping moralism: we are anti-capitalist because we want to live beyond homo economicus, not because we just want another variant of him. A new publishing family, which launched in late-2018 with the publication of Nothing is Written in Stone: A Jonathon Lee Riches Companion.

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