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  1. Hi Mark, I’m keen for your book to come out. Any chance you know the date it will be released? I contacted Arktos some time back, and they said the end of 2015…. so that obviously didn’t work out. Looking forward to it. Cheers.

    1. Ciao ZVT, thanks for your inquiry and your patience. The book is now set for March or April, 2016. John Morgan and I will start editing and beautifying any day now – or so I’ve been told. One of the main reasons I chose Arktos was the opportunity it affords to work with Mr. Morgan. Of course, I am not alone in my desire to utilize his nimble wit and intelligence, and so I join the grand queue and await my turn in line.

    1. Ciao ERA, Thank you for keeping an interest in my mostly dormant authorial life. The book seems to be have been put in cold storage by Arktos, so I am soon to attempt to shop it to other publishers. I’d like to have an answer for you by the new year. Thanks again, M

    1. Ciao Mark, sorry for the late reply. Yes I am still anxiously waiting for your book. Arktos recently wrote in a swedish post that they published your book this year, but I cant find it on their website. Ive been a fan of your interviews and writings for many years so I really look forward to read your book and also to review it for my swedish website that is focused on masculinity and personal de development. I will keep checking back here for more news. My best regards and keep up your great work! Ernst

      1. Ciao Ernst,
        The book hasn’t been published yet but is now being designed so it shouldn’t be too much longer. The title is now Hated and Proud: Ultras, Rome, and War as a Form of Life.
        It has the guts of my dissertation but with a new introduction and a long afterword that updates what has been going on with the Ultras and myself.
        So it’s part academic and part polemic. I hadn’t looked at the material in a few years but I was pleasantly surprised when I began editing. Even if no one buys it I’m proud of the effort.


      2. Yes indeed. I contacted Daniel Friberg in January, suggesting that, as it had been 5 years since I signed the contract, perhaps I could pursue other options. He was mortified that the book had gotten lost in their system and promised to publish it without delay.

  2. From one dissident exiled academic soccer fan to another, very much looking forward to this book! As a college sports fan who finds American pro sports sterile and staged, ultras are extremely interesting groups, totally foreign to American sports culture.

    1. Thanks Lex. I’m even hesitant to attend Atlanta United games as I just can’t imagine how contrived the fandom must be.

      The book should be available any minute now. I’m not sure of pricing but there are to be hardcover, softcover, and Kindle editions.

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