1. Hi Mark, I’m keen for your book to come out. Any chance you know the date it will be released? I contacted Arktos some time back, and they said the end of 2015…. so that obviously didn’t work out. Looking forward to it. Cheers.

    • Ciao ZVT, thanks for your inquiry and your patience. The book is now set for March or April, 2016. John Morgan and I will start editing and beautifying any day now – or so I’ve been told. One of the main reasons I chose Arktos was the opportunity it affords to work with Mr. Morgan. Of course, I am not alone in my desire to utilize his nimble wit and intelligence, and so I join the grand queue and await my turn in line.

    • Ciao ERA, Thank you for keeping an interest in my mostly dormant authorial life. The book seems to be have been put in cold storage by Arktos, so I am soon to attempt to shop it to other publishers. I’d like to have an answer for you by the new year. Thanks again, M

    • Ciao Mark, sorry for the late reply. Yes I am still anxiously waiting for your book. Arktos recently wrote in a swedish post that they published your book this year, but I cant find it on their website. Ive been a fan of your interviews and writings for many years so I really look forward to read your book and also to review it for my swedish website maskulint.se that is focused on masculinity and personal de development. I will keep checking back here for more news. My best regards and keep up your great work! Ernst

      • Ciao Ernst,
        The book hasn’t been published yet but is now being designed so it shouldn’t be too much longer. The title is now Hated and Proud: Ultras, Rome, and War as a Form of Life.
        It has the guts of my dissertation but with a new introduction and a long afterword that updates what has been going on with the Ultras and myself.
        So it’s part academic and part polemic. I hadn’t looked at the material in a few years but I was pleasantly surprised when I began editing. Even if no one buys it I’m proud of the effort.


      • Yes indeed. I contacted Daniel Friberg in January, suggesting that, as it had been 5 years since I signed the contract, perhaps I could pursue other options. He was mortified that the book had gotten lost in their system and promised to publish it without delay.

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