Destroying the old world through revolutionary transgression is often presented in these pages as if it is less an action of gesture than one of language. This, of course, is incorrect, as gesture and language cannot be compartmentalized as homogenous zones of the event. Discourse and action/narrative and behavior are coterminous.

If it appears otherwise according to the dominant regime of sense-ory representation and signification it is because of the necessity of denying language’s coercive power – to say nothing of its creative power! And if it appears otherwise according to our analyses it is because of our necessary embracing of these powers of narrative.

Indeed the goal is to understand the event – and the affects of and in the event – as the nexus of gesture and language. Better yet, the goal is the CREATE events wherein the lines connecting gesture and language become superfluous because super-functional: instinct and action without the intermediaries of sign and meaning.

Events of this kind would fit no prerequisite metaphysics in order to have value. They would lie beyond the sovereignty of all known languages – refusing the State-sponsored discourses that presuppose our forced tranquility, becoming instead unauthorized and illegitimate – an autonomous region free from political-cultural subjects but full of active relentless secessions.

These events would effectuate secessions from sociality – from the profitable and homogenizing reductions that allow the good to be easily governed and the bad to be gloriously eliminated – and autonomies from citizenship – from the economic and juridical protection from predation and marginality – that would themselves create zones of freedom unbearable for the types of men that crave the stabilizing effects of laws, truths, meanings, and the representational predicates that make possible the capitalist and Statist exploitation of human energy – slavish in the case of the former, violent in the case of the latter.

Political-cultural subjectivation demands the affirmation of the very subjectivities that create of us racialized, gendered, bourgeoised I men, women, and children; employable, comprehensible, loyal, and docile.

The events we would create are the perpetual, violent, and uncompromising rejection and betrayal of subjectivation and all that is assigned and promised us as sensible bourgeois subjects.

These would be events of secession: a line of flight neither to a new political-cultural alterity nor to a new form of political organization but instead to a radically new plane of consistency – to a new singularity and disaggregation of life’s potentials for assemblage and creation.

This line of flight would be a movement of internal desertion, of an irreducibility to the bourgeois man and his heaven, of a total absence from State-Capital: indifferent to its values, ignorant of its provocations, and unresponsive to its stimuli.

Autonomy! Desertion! Deserting family; deserting school; deserting the office, the army, the duty, the responsibility, the debt; deserting men, women, and citizen; deserting everything that holds us entrapped, enslaved, and entranced.

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