Become the Last Man’s Reckoning

BIFTF isn’t a State and it’s not your typical insurgency; it’s much more interesting than that – it is a freewheeling bazaar of violence. It is a collective action that only exists when active. BIFTF is a becoming, with nothing to command its allegiance beyond the moment of its own violence on its own behalf.

BIFTF isn’t trying to build a State. It’s not a government. It’s a bazaar in an autonomous zone. It operates outside of the global system.  It doesn’t want to be a State: a State would make it answerable and vulnerable to other States – a State would make it less a bazaar of violence than a bazaar of peaceful consumption.

A State would make it the range of domesticated herd animals.

The violence bazaar was built for one purpose:  perpetual expansion of predatory autonomy and continuous warfare against every passive roadblock and cowardly checkpoint. Thus, BIFTF offers only minimalist, decentralized governance.

Men who need governance need a State, a God, or other such tyranny.

The strategies and tactics BIFTF uses are open sourced. BIFTF is a verb – a doing, an action: to fight is what it does, to advance nothing beyond the State: the end of History, the retreat from domestication. Any group or individual can BIFTF, as long as they want freedom more than civilization. Weapons, ideas, and other technologies needed for war are developed, shared between participants and the pace of development based on previous examples is very quick: BIFTF is now.

There is only now. There is only this instant. This instant just passed – and you are still in a herd: an excellent and happily shepherded sheep, but still a sheep.

The top of the class is still a domesticated slave.

Stealing money from churches and corporations is highly encouraged.

Making money is for domesticated slaves.

Making money is the only reason the State still exists. It is a frightened child clutching to its chest a credit card that alone can ward off danger and hunger. It is you stuck in traffic on a Monday morning, bringing nothing but misery to life, and with so many options that elude you – so many becomings-predator that you ignore. It is the “prison and mold” that keeps you obedient to an authority working to ensure that you are only just weary enough of life to keep from spilling your own entrails in a cubicle.

It is domestication as freedom: the barest life, the will to perpetuate … what?

BIFTF is not you. BIFTF is not a State. BIFTF is not why. BIFTF is DO.

BIFTF encourages mercenary action, provided that payment for said action can be exploded in a shopping mall. BIFTF is thinning the herd. Thinning the herd is fun.

All of these attributes make BIFTF hard to fight and a joy to become. Become the only thing you aren’t allowed to become by your overseers. Become the only thing they fear. Become BIFTF. Become the Last Man’s reckoning.

Thinners Of The Herd

Reterritorialized from John Robb

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