Live Tonight on Alba Voce

From 7 to 9 PM EST on Thursday, May 23, I will be the guest and topic of conversation on David Baillie’s “Alba Voce” Internet radio show. It is a live show, so it might be possible for callers to join the discussion. Given that Mr. Baillie is a Christian White Nationalist, I am not… Continue Reading

The Ardito’s 10 Commandments

1. Ardito! Your name means courage, force, and loyalty; your mission is victory at any cost. Be proud to show the whole world that nobody can resist the Italian soldier. Think of the jewels you are defending with your valor: the freedom of your families, the beauty of your country, and the wealth of your… Continue Reading

Beauty is for the Few, a Podcast for All and None

“Higher education and horde – these are in contradiction from the outset. Any higher education is only for the exceptions: you have to be privileged to have the right to such a high privilege. Nothing great or beautiful could ever be common property: pulchrum est paucorum hominum.” (Twilight of the Idols, What the Germans Lack… Continue Reading

Statement by Pescara Rangers 1976

Pubblichiamo di seguito il comunicato ufficiale diramato dal gruppo “PESCARA RANGERS 1976″ DOMENICO PeR SEMPRE Il primo pensiero è DOVEROSAMENTE  rivolto a TE…fratello, amico, ultras, GUERRIERO; TU che amavi e Pescara Rangers e la Pescara Calcio più della tua vita; TU che avevi una splendida compagna, una magnifica bambina da crescere ed una vita da… Continue Reading

Italian Ultras Killed By Gypsy (Rom).

PESCARA – C’è tensione a Pescara, all’indomani dell’omicidio dell’ultrà Domenico Rigante, 24 anni, ucciso con un colpo di pistola da un commando di rom che probabilmente lo ha scambiato per il gemello Antonio. I «Pescara rangers», di cui faceva parte anche Rigante, hanno appeso dinanzi a Palazzo di Città uno striscione contro i rom con… Continue Reading


My professional life has been devoted to explaining this photo to the uninitiated. To an American, an anti-immigrant message such as this (Enough immigrants, homes and work for Italians) accompanied by a swastika makes sense. But, it is signed by an Ultra group, AS Roma Ultras, associated with the AS Roma soccer team. The extreme… Continue Reading

Welcome to the professional website of Mark Dyal, Ph.D.

I have just completed two essays for publication: “The Ultras, the State, and the Legitimacy of Violence,” for Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development; and “Roman Soccer Fans and the Search for Stasis in an Eternally Changing City,” for a book tentatively titled Changing Faces of the Eternal City. Additionally, I am shopping… Continue Reading