Coming Soon: Nietzsche, Physiology, and Transvaluation

Counter-Currents will soon publish the concluding essay to my series with Nick Fiorello on the body and conceptual vitality. The series has been quite positively received, I must say, and was a grueling thrill to research and write. Despite my lead-in to this paper at the end of the last in the series, I left aside much of the interpretive work on pain and harshness in favor of a more academic treatment of Nietzsche’s complex and marvelous thinking on physiology, which combines transvaluation, instincts, and physical harshness and beauty. That being said, its an invigorating read, with a few nice quotes and a lengthy paper trail that incorporates all of my favorite secondary sources on Nietzsche.

I’ve gotten some wonderful comments lately and I will have to wait until after Thanksgiving to address them. One is easy – a publication of the 10 Commandments of the Arditi – and another not so much – on my usage of bourgeois. To be super brief, by bourgeois I mean a form of life, or cultural system, not a class. The bourgeois form of life is that creative of economic man, that reduces life to the marketplace.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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