Coming Soon: Overcoming the Bourgeois Mind and Body

Having just submitted part three of my series on vitality to Counter-Currents, I have two minutes in which to reflect upon my achievement. Modern men, after all, have a right to reflect honorifically when doing something of so little value, for we really have no right to think of ourselves in genuinely Homeric terms. Still, self-overcoming is our only path to destroying modernity (we must destroy everything modern in ourselves), even if “self-overcoming” is a generous way of justifying the hell through which I’ve put myself for the past two weeks.

In writing – and trying my hardest to care – about scientific understandings of environmental influences on body chemistry, I certainly overcame my aversion to such knowledge, at least long enough to write the paper. Nietzsche said something about the dangers of comfort for scholars. I can certainly attest to being more comfortable with Homer, the Classical world, Nietzsche, and fascism than with science and its belief in being able to “explain the mysteries of life.” But for two weeks I forced myself to wade into uncharted waters, unsure of myself and insecure in my abilities to make noble use of modernity’s greatest power over mediocre men.

When my time and megalomania are done, let some unborn biographer say that I finished this paper on a 45-degree day with all windows open, inhaling varnish fumes, and listening to most of what Coltrane recorded from 1965 to 1967. Never before had the latter even been tolerable. But in that harsh and uncomfortable environment, it made such perfect sense that I think I’ve figured out what Coltrane was doing. If so, I am the only man to have done so.

In any case, the struggle to write was worth the effort. The paper will be on Counter-Currents next Monday or Tuesday (November 12-13, 2012). It was co-written by Nick Fiorello, a radical personal trainer and New Right thinker in Atlanta. Nick is more dedicated to bodily precision and technique than anyone I’ve ever met. His gift to the New Right is this dedication, which flows from his Sicilian inheritance. He is also an original North American member of ROMVLAE GENTI and a dangerous man.

Now, however, I will see just how harsh and counter-modern I am, as I still have to write the most challenging paper on Nietzsche that I’ve ever attempted. Just the notes for this thing are 5 pages and span the width of Nietzsche’s oeuvre, making it clear that physiology is more than a metaphor for consciousness; it is the basis of Nietzsche’s critique of modernity. Some papers, like the recent one on Lycurgus, suffer from a lack of sources. This one will suffer from gluttony of them. It should be a book.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Overcoming the Bourgeois Mind and Body

  1. Lots of good stuff here, can’t wait to read the piece. As for signor Fiorello; “radical personal trainer.” Don’t know what that is like, but is sounds pretty bitchin’. (forgive my 80’s lingo).

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