Come on men! Be what you could have been!

Anyone looking for motivation to join us truly critical intellectuals in the New Right, consider this: the paper on the links between conceptual and bodily vitality, for which I’ve been diligently gathering notes for weeks, is finally being written. I just finished the introduction. (Anyone who has written an academic paper – no mere essay this one – knows how difficult introductions can be.) But in doing so, I’ve now spent the better part of two afternoons pouring over and thinking through Mussolini, Nietzsche, and Lycurgus. What could be better? And for a people in dire need of a reconceptualization that inspires each of us to the maximum of virility and heroism – to say nothing of having instincts we can trust to act in our own best interests – there is no more important work I could be doing. Of course, there is no money in it, but nothing of any value could be properly judged by Capitalism.

“Every doctrine tends to direct human activity towards a determined objective,” Mussolini said. Imagine, as did he and Nietzsche, what happens to a man when his activity is directed toward purity, ennoblement, strength, power, dignity, and wisdom! Imagine how quickly his physiology begins to change, seeking justification and fulfillment in these terms, as opposed to the weakness, self-denial, and abnegation of his nature demanded of him by contemporary America. Ethics pushing organics, as Mussolini explained; the breeding of strength and conceptual vitality, as Nietzsche commanded; and the projection of words onto the body, as Mishima demonstrated.

Come on, men! Be what you could have been!

3 thoughts on “Come on men! Be what you could have been!

  1. Definitely some interesting work here.

    Although now in the US living a respectable life, I’ve some experience with the Nationalist skinhead and ‘Casuals’ movement in England in the mid-1980s-1990s.

    We had ties with French and Italian Ultras, who seemed at the time to take their work much more seriously than did my English comrades. They were definitely ‘Hard Men’.

    I would like to know your take on CasaPound in Italy, which I think is amongst the more promising Nationalist groups to have emerged in recent years.

    How might such a movement be replicated in North America?

    1. Ciao CN, I’m not sure how your comment escaped my attention. I’m just no good with comments. I guess you’ve seen by now the CasaPound paper that Adam Smith translated for Counter-Currents and the somewhat heretical response I posted the next day. Combined they give a good idea of my thoughts on CPI.

      As for the Ultras, I’m still trying to get my book on the Roman Ultras published. It has much to say about how hard and committed the Ultras are. Everything I learned in Rome I’ve attempted to implement in the US. I fail for the same reasons everyone else does: apathy and ignorance.

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