The Fabulation

5. Certainly against the passive, slavish, and moral Last Man, Mussolini proposed a new form of productive and warring nobility; but he also knew that the content of such noble humanity was exceedingly rare, and that the expression that gave rise to its form – namely trincerocrazia (trenchocracy) – was only an answer to democrazia… Continue Reading

Brief Thoughts on the Arditi

This is a small excerpt from an upcoming paper. I just love the Arditi. They, along with the Decima Mas and Brigate Nere of the RSI, are the best examples of what a fascist man is supposed to be: courageous, strong, proud, violent, and honorable. In a pre-war attack on Socialist and bourgeois neutralists, Mussolini… Continue Reading

Come on men! Be what you could have been!

Anyone looking for motivation to join us truly critical intellectuals in the New Right, consider this: the paper on the links between conceptual and bodily vitality, for which I’ve been diligently gathering notes for weeks, is finally being written. I just finished the introduction. (Anyone who has written an academic paper – no mere essay… Continue Reading