Interview with Greg Johnson, Part One

The responses seem positive enough thus far, so I will at least acknowledge that Part One of a recent interview with Greg Johnson is now available for listening and downloading at Counter-Currents. There are a million things I would say (or at least contextualize) differently today, but that’s how it goes with audio. Pondering and soul-searching do not translate well on the radio.

Tip: If any of you are invited to a podcast interview, remember to pause now and again so that you may actually be interviewed.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Greg Johnson, Part One

  1. We were enriched by this interview. Now reading Geneaology of Morals, at your reading list recommendation. Live near Atlanta. What to do next?

    1. We were wondering that, also.

      Why no response?

      And, the Ultras got Mark Dyal started on Nietzsche. Were there any indegenous Roman or Italian writers who they held in equal or higher esteem than him?

      1. Sorry all, If I ever neglect a question it is only because of limited time in front of the computer. So, …

        GG: What a great compliment you’ve paid me by reading the GOM. I would love to discuss it with you (and your “we”). Have you gotten to section 7 of the First Essay?

        Perhaps we can communicate via email about what to do next. will find me.

        PK: The Ultras who suggested I read FN were also interested in the radical traditionalist Julius Evola (a Roman born in Sicily) and Giorgio Freda. Counter-Currents ran a great essay about him last year. Otherwise, Sorel and the intellectuals associated with Fascism were openly discussed and admired. Nietzsche and Evola were the two most admired thinkers, with Sorel being perhaps the most useful – his ideas on myth and violence are indispensable for Ultra types.

        If you are also in the area, we should try to meet. Use my email and we’ll see what we can do. There are a few of us around town.

        And thank you both/all so very much for the positive feedback.

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