Recently Published: Global Rome

Indiana University Press has just published Global Rome: Changing Faces of the Eternal City, which contains an essay on Ultras and fandom. “Football, Romanità, and the Search for Stasis,” gives a sense of how affective and active is the fascist narrative of Romanità in the lives of certain Romans. Although it was challenging to write […]

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Interview with Greg Johnson, Part One

The responses seem positive enough thus far, so I will at least acknowledge that Part One of a recent interview with Greg Johnson is now available for listening and downloading at Counter-Currents. There are a million things I would say (or at least contextualize) differently today, but that’s how it goes with audio. Pondering and […]

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An Open Letter to Search Committees

Having been forced (by what, my vanity, or the desperate last-days of Capitalism?) to endure the indignity and embarrassment of a recent job interview, let me address those who, in seeking to consider me for an appointment, have come to my website. Imagine the chagrin of my would-be employers when I, a derelict of any […]

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