The Homeric Gods – Recently Published

My review essay of Walter F. Otto’s The Homeric Gods is now available at Counter-Currents/North American New Right. In it, I demonstrate the links between Otto’s understanding of the life-affirming Homeric religion, the Nietzschean critique of modernity and Judeo-Christianity, and the mythic/ideological bases of fascism. Although I do not much enjoy writing reviews of this sort, I felt the lack of critical awareness of Otto’s book in America to be to the detriment of the NANR and to anyone trying to destroy bourgeois man. As I always say, there is no good reason to read what someone else says about Nietzsche instead of reading Nietzsche himself. To the same end, I ask anyone who is inspired to read Otto to first read Homer instead.

Any students wanting a subversive – truly radical – paper topic should use Otto to explain the Homeric epics. It will be impossible for a professor at any level to repudiate Otto’s reading or your choice of subject without showing their political and moral agenda. Any attempt to do either will come across as a refutation of heroism, cultural and personal possibilities of greatness beyond corporate enslavement or mercantile advantage, and, if truly desperate, the extreme superiority of Classical Greek cultural and religious practice.

Remember, one need not say us and them, but merely the name Homer and the words Greek or European greatness to be suspected of treason against multiculturalism.

Contact me at for help with this and other paper/argument ideas. Contact me as well if interested in my new Nietzsche Youth program with ROMVLAE GENTI.

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