I was recently hosted by the fine gentlemen of the Interregnum Podcast for a midday chat about Ultras; Rome; and dissident versus academic life.  

Excerpt: Romanità as Counter-Modern Discourse

             Having just stated that Romanità, and its uses by Evola and fascism, is a form political modernism, I must make clear why I continue to call it counter-modern. As I explained in the Introduction, fascism is a complex mixture of political modernism and counter-modern, or Counter-Enlightenment, philosophy. In other… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Walden, Unabombing, and Anthropology

(Thelonious Monk and Sonny Rollins; Trash Talk Collective’s Awake; Tim Hecker’s Dropped Pianos; a Made for Vancouver day; Thoreau’s Walden, Kaczynski’s Technological Slavery.) It’s an odd thing when work gets in the way of actual intellectual pursuit. However, that is the nature of being an academic (even one who is ‘unemployed’). Papers have been refereed… Continue Reading