8 Songs for Deleuze

For those inclined to join me on this journey of bourgeois self-discovery and self-destruction, I’ve posted 8 songs to which I’ve been listening while reading Deleuze and Guattari. They help me to think about things machinically, to think about flow, and to feel engulfed in pure purposeless rhythm. While each of them has its own… Continue Reading

Ceremony ZOO Review Essay, Part Three

Having discussed the hardcore scene’s ethic of violence that puts it at odds with the bourgeois prohibition against interpersonal violence, I must say that not all bands or fans adhere to such an ethic. In fact, the slightly rightist politics I presented above cannot even be assumed for the bands used as examples. None of… Continue Reading

Ceremony ZOO Review Essay, part two

        Death Before Dishonor is a Boston band. They champion what I call “muscular hardcore,” more metal than punk, and utilize breakdowns and even verse-chorus song structures. Politically, the band, and others like them (Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Terror, Palehorse, Lionheart, Death Threat, etc.) are hard to categorize in an American context. This… Continue Reading

Ceremony ZOO Review Essay, part one

I embraced hardcore music in 2008. After having lived amongst Romans, Ultras, skinheads, and fascists for more than year, a return to normal/bourgeois/American life was simply not possible. Even for my wife such a return was impossible. (Anyone who dissuades you from having your spouse in the field is misleading you. Of course, my wife… Continue Reading