This is a Symphony

What shall we do, when public art becomes so vulgarly Marketable,


So Progressive, so Modern, so Global?


Set it on fire, and in doing so, create the next avant-garde:


The flaming wicks of Molotov cocktails will be our paintbrushes,


Terrifying sirens and megaphones will be our orchestras, we’ll scribe


New howling forms of poetry with every strike of a baton while the


Popping report of riot gas canisters punctuate our stanzas.


This is a symphony. – Rayan Castle


This is the point of no return – the cut – through which the before and after are forever incommensurable.


This is the return of beauty, the return of joy, the return of autonomia – the return of a freedom to create forms of existence that escape any attempts of capture.


The Revolution will be a Festival. Coming 2018.

Can’t Get There From Here (2010 Digital Remaster)

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