Make an Assemblage!

A few weeks ago, Achim Szepanski, the legendary founder of the Force, Inc. family of record labels – including Mille Plateaux – noted on his Facebook page that Gilles Deleuze was particularly fond of “Textuell,” a track from Oval’s Systemisch album (MP CD 9, 1994). This immediately set me in motion toward my vast collection of Mille Plateaux albums so as to discover the song again. Much to my chagrin I discovered instead that Systemisch was missing from my collection – not because I unwisely loaned it out but because I never had it to begin with. So, in an extraordinary demonstration of varying timescales and the capitalist power of absolute deterritorialization, I ended up discovering just today an album that, 20 years ago, laid the foundation for much of the music of my adulthood.

In order to facilitate the most radical of assemblages with an upcoming paper on music and revolt, please download Systemisch on me. If Oval, Mille Plateaux, or Thrill Jockey seek restitution, I ask them to address me directly – as I will gladly pay for the downloads that take place – and leave the State and its capitalist overseers out of it.

Keep in mind that I am also offering these tracks here because some of my readers live beyond the world market and do not have access to legal music downloading.


Aero Deck

The Politics Of Digital Audio

Schoner Wissen

Catchy DAAD



Oval Office

Compact Disc


Gabba Nation

6 thoughts on “Make an Assemblage!

  1. Thanks again Mark for the music downloads. I don’t feel guilty downloading these as I once owned the album but seem to have lost it. I never really got too much further into Mille Plateux though so I appreciate your uploads which have provided me a good introduction to do some more exploring. Of this genre, I always loved “Endless Summer” by Fennesz – have you heard it?

      1. I figured out the download problem. I’ll get to fixing the files super soon. (The dancing with Athena song now has a download link.)

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