Live Tonight on Alba Voce

From 7 to 9 PM EST on Thursday, May 23, I will be the guest and topic of conversation on David Baillie’s “Alba Voce” Internet radio show. It is a live show, so it might be possible for callers to join the discussion. Given that Mr. Baillie is a Christian White Nationalist, I am not entirely sure to what extent my affirmative heresies will be tolerated. I can only promise a serious approach to the problems facing revolutionary men at the Right edges of late-Capitalist modernity.

Expected topics of conversation include:

  • Deleuze and Guattari
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Bruno Latour
  • Alexander Dugin
  • Jack Donovan
  • Physiology, naturalism, and conceptualization
  • Violence and pedagogy
  • The creation of actant-networks
  • The revolutionary potential of White Nationalism
  • The world revolution against globalization
  • Ultras and Fourth Generation Warfare
  • Publishing and a model of revolutionary exposition

Those familiar with my essays know how much room for critique and dereliction these topics contain.

The show can be accessed here.

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