8 Songs for Deleuze

For those inclined to join me on this journey of bourgeois self-discovery and self-destruction, I’ve posted 8 songs to which I’ve been listening while reading Deleuze and Guattari. They help me to think about things machinically, to think about flow, and to feel engulfed in pure purposeless rhythm. While each of them has its own unique qualities and quantities (values), each one disrupts time flow and releases subjectivity’s hold on our bodily energy.

07 Amulls by Pan-American

05 5 by Pixel

02 Drowning Horses by Antendex

04 Dog Star by Ethernet

04 Auslaufrille II by Pixel

03 Vaccination by Tim Hecker

01 1 by Pixel

07 St. Cloud by Pan-American

3 thoughts on “8 Songs for Deleuze

  1. Thanks for freeing Deleuze from the Left’s grip. I read all parts on CC. True Deterritorialization and Reterritorialization.
    Strangely i prefer to listen to this while reading Difference and Repetition:
    Genocide Organ – Dogday, Patria Y Libertad Live

    I think Noise/Power Electronics are one of the few pure white Art Forms that there are left and have not been contaminated yet.

    1. Thanks for the kind words and the power electronics. I like the power-violence move that is creeping into hardcore right now, but this stuff you posted is crazy hard! It is totally derelict and useless for multiculturalism or capitalism, so it should be pure for quite a while. Some things they leave to us, but we have to be worthy of them.

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