ROMVLAE GENTI, an Explanation

“Romans! I need only remind you of the name you bear that you may realize how different we are from the men we fight!” TITVS VESPASIANVS, JVDEA 70 BC.

ROMVLAE GENTI was created in Rome, Italy on December 2, 2007. On that date, the hardest, strongest, and most ideologically committed Ultras of AS Roma’s Curva Sud boycotted professional soccer in the name of protecting the Romanness of their rapidly degenerating and Americanizing Roman lives. Aside from being Ultras, a form of soccer fandom involving great pageantry, prejudice, and violence, most of these men and women were fascists. ROMVLAE GENTI made up a small number of the great crowd of boycotting Romans, but those representing the nascent group were among the most intellectually and physically astute to be found in Rome.

The founding idea of the group of hard, aggressive, and extremely intellectual men and women was to bridge the gap between the aristocratic radicalism of Friedrich Nietzsche and the populist political activity of fascism. While Nietzsche’s “great politics” of hierarchy, natural morality and behavior, harshness, and beauty laid the very foundations of fascist ideology, it is virtually impossible to create mass political behaviors based on Nietzsche. Thus, he remains for ROMVLAE GENTI the basis of an intellectual project that will seek local organization in the forms of Roman “social fascism;” that is, in gathering hard men and committed women to clean their communities of the degeneracy and mediocrity of the bourgeois form of life.

In this form, ROMVLAE GENTI moves toward the cultural New Right, extending its critiques of modernity, globalization, liberalism, liberalization, and the destruction of European peoples into the consciousness of anyone willing to fight for nobility. As an example of Jack Donovan’s understanding of “the gang,” the optimal organizing principle of men – which demands the maximum in strength, courage, mastery, and honor from its members – ROMVLAE GENTI seeks to add toughness and a creatively destructive force to the North American New Right. It’s time for liberals to be given an option, so to speak: Kevin MacDonald or us.

In addition to operating chapters in Rome, Italy and Atlanta, Georgia, there are ROMVLAE GENTI members in various cities of the Eastern United States. Each of them has a mandate to organize. There are two honorary members at this time: John Morgan of Arktos Media and Dr. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing. Neither man’s credentials need to be explained.  And, although he is worthy of honorary membership, Jack Donovan is better suited to active membership. It is with him in mind that I write this explanation (as coded and guarded as it is – RG was a secret society at one time).

The purpose of ROMVLAE GENTI is to create an environment wherein a Nietzschean revaluation of modern Judeo-Christian values can occur.

As adults with as much as 49 years immersion in this truth regime – speaking of the Atlanta, Georgia chapter, it is unfathomably difficult to imagine a reality not constructed by modern prejudices against nobility, strength, honor, courage, power, wisdom, tradition, discrimination, quality, and sacrifice. ROMVLAE GENTI seeks to create spaces in which a new generation – and new type – of men can be crafted that does not have to be enslaved by the undying search for mediocrity, laziness, cowardice, equality, ignorance, and opinion that amounts to the bourgeois human. We seek men and women who are more at home with the heroic age of Classical Greece and Rome, when men were judged by the former characteristics at the expense of the latter. In that age, virtue and responsibility were not equally doled out to each and all but were the reserve of those who had made themselves worthy.

There are intellectual and behavioral aspects of the transvaluation.


The transvaluation itself is simply a process of re-valuing what we are told by our culture to value. Why this is necessary becomes clear when studying the origins of our morality. It began as a weapon in the Jewish-Christian war against Rome. The Jews, unable to compete with the might of Rome, instead affected a “slave revolt” in morals wherein “the good” was made “the evil” and “the bad” was made “the good.” What was most valued by Rome (strength, honor, discipline, virtue) was re-and-de-valued by the Jews, who made what was good for the slave and the slavish (equality, meekness, mildness, passivity, compassion, pity) now good for all. History is little more than the spread of Judeo-Christian morality throughout the Roman and modern world up to today, especially given that modernity itself is fueled by the desire to create maximum comfort and leisure for the greatest number of people.


The transvaluation is not only an intellectual process but also a physical and behavioral one. When one values strength, aggression, tactical violence, and courage in any situation, one needs a certain physical presence to be able to enact these values. Plus, in valuing so, one will immediately create hordes of enemies, thereby increasing the need for preparedness and readiness. Thus, strength will be created and cultivated for a reason – not merely for aesthetics or vanity. Likewise, knowledge will be created based on depth of understanding and expertise, not merely as a substance to fill space and time. In ROMVLAE GENTI, as in Rome, opinion has zero value. No one is free to do “as they like.” Each is instead free to be experts and have expert knowledge that is useful and valuable to the project.

So, as I have before, I invite anyone who peruses the reading list below – preferably while fingering a weapon – and says to himself, “these are my people,” to contact me immediately. It is time to start the world.


Jack Donovan: “Start the World;” The Way of Men.

Friedrich Nietzsche: On The Genealogy of Morality; “Homer’s Contest;” The Anti-Christ; On The Future of Our Educational Institutions; Twilight of the Idols; Book Five of The Gay Science.

Julius Evola: Man Among the Ruins; “The Traditional Doctrine of Battle And Victory;” Pagan Imperialism; “The Decline of Heroism.”

Walter F. Otto: The Homeric Gods.

Anthony Ludovici: Who Is To Be Master Of The World; Nietzsche, His Life and Works.

Frederick Appel: Nietzsche Contra Democracy.

Adolph Hitler: Mein Kampf.

Tomislav Sunic: Homo Americanus.

Kevin MacDonald: The Culture of Critique.

Benito Mussolini: The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism.

Nicholas Farrell: Mussolini (Biography).

Guillaume Faye: Why We Fight; Archeofuturism.

Pierre Krebs: Fighting for the Essence.

Curtis Cate: Friedrich Nietzsche (Biography).

Greg Johnson: Confessions of a Reluctant Hater.

Alain de Benoist: The Problem of Democracy; On Being A Pagan.

Mark Mirabello: The Odin Brotherhood.

Paul Cartledge: The Spartans.

Gilles Lipovetsky: Hypermodern Times.

Carlo Petrini: Slow Food Nation.


Conn Iggulden: Emperor Series.

Steven Pressfield: Gates Of Fire.

Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange.

Chuck Palahniuk: Fight Club.

Bret Easton-Ellis: American Psycho.

Andrew MacDonald: The Turner Diaries.

Harold Covington: Northwest Trilogy


Virgil: The Aeneid.

Christopher Hibbert: Rome (Biography).

Joel Schmidt: Roman Mythology.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

9 thoughts on “ROMVLAE GENTI, an Explanation

  1. You also might like the works of Yukio Mishima, especially “Sun ans Steel”. A great intellectual and artist, who became an incredible hard man and fighter, even committing Seppuku in his attempt to restore Japan to Tradition. I have been fascinated by him since my school days. Only now that I have discovered Fascism do I understand why.

    1. DVH, good to see you here at my humble site. Thanks a million for the suggestion. I want to know as much as possible about the Japanese, especially regarding Tradition and the will to cultural purity. I’ll get Sun and Steel momentarily, assuming Amazon has it.

      1. Well, glad to be here! I regard Japan as a highly interesting country. Maybe the best effort to maintain a traditional society in our liberalized world. It is not unharmed, but even so it is much better there than anywhere else, I gather.

        If you are interested in economics, there is a great article about Japan on CC: The writer is an awful liberal, but his conclusion is correct, as far as I can see: Japan is more or less a national-socialist economy.

        Japan appears to be in a depression now, but I have studied the economic indices, and they show that the growth rate of Gross Domestic Product per capita was about the same as in the US the last ten years. The so-called shrink of the economy is only relative, and is caused by the aging population. As the population growth in the US is due to the Hispanics flooding the country, Japan is in a far better position.

        I could also send you “Sun and Steel” as E-book if you like.

        I have listened several times to Jack Donovan’s speech already, and I must say it is very inspiring. And to take this as a foundation to study Nietzsche infuses his writings with vibrant life!

      2. I am not aware of different English translations. I found the Italian translation as a torrent download from:

        It might be a good idea to compare the English and Italian version.

      3. If you would care to send me your email address I can send you the Italian version by mail immediately.

  2. I have a problem with Nietzsche’s concept of masculinity as applied to public conduct (I favor being harsh with oneself, but with others I am less certain about this axiom).

    While brutality and violence are necessary for founding a state, I don’t think these characteristics should be points of pride (more like a very necessary evil).

    For example, how many brainless soldiers are now fighting for our enemies around the world? I have no doubt that many of them have heroic qualities, but they have no higher sensibility or intelligence which would allow them to examine reality intellectually.

    Also, world wars have decimated the best of our race. Intoxicated with a lack of intelligence and foresight, our best men are buried in shallow graves, their genes no longer available.

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