Jack Donovan’s “Start the World”

For years I have used Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality as the introductory text for potential ROMVLAE GENTI members. Although the text is difficult for those unfamiliar with either Nietzsche or philosophical writing, I find it to be a good litmus test for the type of people who I believe worthy of joining the group. After all, it should be difficult to join something so noble and beautiful. However, having listened to Jack Donovan’s “Start the World” lecture, I have decided, instead, to make it an initiate’s introduction to ROMVLAE GENTI. On the Genealogy of Morality will now be the first text in which an initiate must be well versed.

The Donovan lecture is short but makes devastating use of its 29-minutes; making it clear to anyone of any merit that the only forms of manhood and masculinity that have led to heroism, commitment, duty, and ennoblement among mankind are a direct affront to liberalism and the politics of globalization and consumption. In other words, men like us are systematically being made obsolete, dangerous, and conceptually impossible by the current political and metapolitical order. Once we understand that, then Nietzsche’s explanation as to how this process was started, and by whom, is easier to comprehend.

Anyone who thinks himself worthy of ROMVLAE GENTI, especially after listening to Donovan’s lecture, should contact me immediately.

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