Further Thoughts on “Epistemology and the New Right” – Recently Published

As promised, Counter-Currents has published an essay, “Epistemology and the New Right”. The essay was a dusting off of some academic theory I had produced in 2004. It was prompted by a Counter-Currents reader posting a poem by Kahil Gibran in response to a comment I had made about limiting my son’s influences to those things that promote heroism, glory, responsibility, beauty, and transvaluation of liberal values – in short, to Nietzsche, Sparta, Roma, and Homer (as a good foundation). I was so thoroughly disgusted that I wondered why someone reading a site like Counter-Currents would be so bourgeois and unaware of the life-creating forces at liberalism’s disposal. What’s more: did this person really believe that there is more joy, “freedom,” celebration of beauty, and lessons of greatness to be found in American popular culture than in the sources I mentioned above? What does he or she (I suspect a she) want or expect of her son: to get a good job and be a model bourgeois slave to mediocrity and the destruction of our culture?

This ire led me to contemplate the distance between the European New Right, which seems not to pander to liberal mob politics or to the mediocrity of common people, and its American counterpart, which always wants to play into the hands of such uselessness. It led me to contemplate that perhaps Europeans needn’t do so because the general level of understanding (of concepts and their genealogy) is so much higher there than it is here. I met men in Roma without high school education that could discuss Nietzsche’s critique of morality and compare it Evola’s discussion of spiritual racism – where are those men here? Well, Counter-Currents is a start. These same men fight with bloodstained knuckles, bats, and chains to defend their city and form of life from the devastation of liberalism and its highly moral regimes of truth. Where are those men here? Again, Counter-Currents is a start. While a virtual community is no – and I mean NO – comparison to the real thing, it is all we have right now. If a NW migration, or any amassing of critical whites, ever occurs it will be thanks to the cultural and epistemological element of our coming transformation. Thus, we need to support Counter-Currents in order to keep it free of compromise. We need Greg Johnson to work on our behalf, not pander to some wealthy Republican donors.

The “Episteme” paper is not an attempt at a complete model of knowledge or epistemes. It is instead a tool to get the type of person that commented on the pedagogical plans for my son to begin thinking more critically about the all-encompassing, totalitarian power of liberalism. It is designed to help us realize how conceptually enslaved we are by our very bodily understandings of the human. The energy flowing through us is made bourgeois at a pre-conceptual level. You only fight that kind of power by removal and destruction. I do not listen to popular music, do not watch TV, and do not watch movies. I was told that Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston died. For a bank bailout I could not tell you on what channel CNN or Fox News are broadcast locally. I have no idea what Obama’s children are named, nor Biden’s wife. I have seen zero campaign adds for the upcoming election. I have, however, had time to teach my son two languages and how to be an honorable man, to read and re-read several books, to publish two academic papers and three essays, and I make my wife dinner everyday.

I need to say as well that I am not a white nationalist. My model social, political, economic, and spiritual structure is Roma. I am a fascist, but I am more so Nietzschean. I am not a bio-racialist, mostly because I believe biology itself to be a tool of bourgeois modernity. That being said, when taking on an episteme, one must be a heretic and think beyond its terms. And there is nothing more heretical than being a white racialist at this time. There is nothing that calls into question our destruction at the hands of a mediocre mud-stained mob more than the simple thinking that the Greeks created the most important form of life of all time; and that it MUST be defended. Therefore, while I think race will only forestall our demise, racism will begin moving us beyond the episteme, to a place where we may think critically and clearly about how liberalism destroyed the possibilities of European greatness.

One thought on “Further Thoughts on “Epistemology and the New Right” – Recently Published

  1. We share many views in common and I enjoyed the piece, especially the latter third…which resulted in several highlights and “fuck yeahs.” I get lost in philosophical jargon, so I did find myself looking for your “in other words” summaries at the end of paragraphs.

    I also find fascism in the ideal attractive, but find the focus a focus on the white race too narrow and problematic — though I support White Nationalists (especially the Counter-Currents guys) and their very necessary critique of liberal lies about race and what is best in life. I think natural tribes are smaller than a race, and angry tribes of many and mixed races will be needed to overturn globalism, liberalism, etc.

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