TITVS and Tisha B’av 2012

“Romans! I need only remind you of the name you bear that you may realize how different we are from the men we fight!” TITVS VESPASIANVS, JVDEA 70 BC.

The purpose of ROMVLAE GENTI is to create an environment wherein a Nietzschean revaluation of modern Judeo-Christian values can occur. As adults with as much as 49 years immersion in this truth regime, it is unfathomably difficult to imagine a reality not constructed by modern prejudices against nobility, strength, honor, courage, power, wisdom, tradition, discrimination, quality, and sacrifice. Now, however, we have an opportunity to create a person that does not have to be enslaved by our undying search for mediocrity, laziness, cowardice, equality, ignorance, and opinion. TITVS has a chance to be more at home with the heroic age of Classical Greece and Roma, when men were judged by the former characteristics at the expense of the latter. In that age, virtue and responsibility were not equally doled out to each and all but were the reserve of those who had made themselves worthy.

There are intellectual and behavioral aspects of the transvaluation.

Intellectual. The transvaluation itself is simply a process of re-valuing what we are told by our culture to value. Why this is necessary becomes clear when studying the origins of our morality. It began as a weapon in the Jewish-Christian war against Roma. The Jews, unable to compete with the might of Roma, instead affected a “slave revolt” in morals wherein “the good” was made “the evil” and “the bad” was made “the good.” What was most valued by Roma (strength, honor, discipline, virtue) was re-and-de-valued by the Jews, who made what was good for the slave and the slavish (equality, meekness, mildness, passivity, compassion, pity) now good for all. History is little more than the spread of Judeo-Christian morality throughout the Roman and modern world up to today, especially given that modernity itself is fueled by the desire to create maximum comfort and leisure for the greatest number of people.

Behavioral. The transvaluation is not only an intellectual process but a physical and behavioral one. When one values strength, aggression, tactical violence, and courage in any situation, one needs a certain physical presence to be able to enact these values. Plus, in valuing so, one will immediately create hordes of enemies, thereby increasing the need for preparedness and readiness. Thus, strength will be created and cultivated for a reason – not merely for aesthetics or vanity. Likewise, knowledge will be created based on depth of understanding and expertise, not merely as a substance to fill space and time. In ROMVLAE GENTI, as in Roma, opinion has zero value. No one is free to do “as they like.” Each are instead free to be experts and have expert knowledge that is useful and valuable to the project.

TITVS. In the spirit of the transvaluation of values, TITVS was named after TITVS VESPASIANVS, the Roman emperor who destroyed the Second Temple of Jerusalem in the process of defeating the Jewish revolt in 70 BC, and thus beginning the Jewish exile from Judea. For the Jews, this occasion is memorialized as Tisha B’av, the “darkest day” in their history. On this “fast day” the Jew is prohibited from eating, drinking, bathing, applying creams or oils, wearing leather shoes, and having martial relations. Those in modern Jerusalem are prohibited from working, something impossible for America’s Jews! I propose that the Festa di TITVS be marked by each of these actions, as a demonstration of the distance between them and us.

For 1600 years the Jews have ruled the West by controlling how and what we value. What is good or bad for the Jew must be good or bad for all, otherwise their reign is tenuous, as demonstrated by the brief liberation of the species affected by Mussolini and Hitler. On Tisha B’av 2012 (from sunset of July 28 to nightfall of July 29), ROMVALE GENTI will instead celebrate La Festa di TITVS. We will demonstrate that what is darkness for the Jew and the slavish is pure joyous light for us, the proud, healthy, and strong members of ROMVLAE GENTI. As Nietzsche explains, the continued dominance of Judeo-Christian morality is not a sign of progress or its superiority but that a new type of person and form of life have been brought about by this morality – a type and form which would be incapable of surviving in the Greco-Roman world. It is time to begin making ourselves worthy of Roma.

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